About Us

About Us
We are a family business

Greenway cars started by husband & wife team as the local private hire were so unreliable as a pre booked car would arrive anything up to an hour late with numerous calls to their offices where the standard reply was “ Its on the way”.

With the above in mind we started with the promise that we would not say “ its on the way” unless it actually was on the way.

Both the founders come from the caring sector & know that people will appreciate that extra bit of friendliness & honesty.

Greenway cars founded by the family to provide a service based on family values where every person using the service will be treated like a member of the family so if you miss the old fashioned service with a smile.

Give us a try & join the growing family & friends of Greenway Cars.

Drivers if you can help us provide the above type of service we would love to hear from you.